AAC Consulting AG

Accounting, Auditing and Corporate Finance

Thomas Stenz


In order for you to get a better picture of me and my range of services, you will find below some ” anonymized ” examples of my projects in the last years

Beratung der Mitglieder-aacconsulting

Advice / mediation at a family stock corporation


Special audit Stock corporation law dispute

Bewertung IT_aacconsulting

Evaluation IT consulting firm


Court opinion Liability claim against an auditor

Gutachten im Konkursfall_aacconsulting

Expert opinion in the event of bankruptcy

Board Mandates_aacconsulting

Board Mandates

Financial Due Diligence_aacconsulting

Financial Due Diligence

Bewertung Industriefirma_aacconsulting

Evaluation industrial company


Accounting / Auditing

  • Advice on accounting and financial reporting issues (OR, Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS)
  • Court opinions for liability claims
  • Special investigations and examinations
  • No mandates as statutory auditor (Controva AG can be recommended for mandates as auditors)

Corporate Finance

  • Company valuations
  • Arbitration opinions and court opinions on business valuation issues
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • General advice on company acquisitions

Board Mandates

  • Board mandates in public companies (industry, trade and services)
  • Board mandates in privately held companies
  • Advice to boards of directors or audit and finance committees
  • Member or Chairman of Audit and Finance Committees

Thomas Stenz

Over 40 years of experience
as an auditor and
management consultant!

The three little things I stand for:

1. suitable for SMEs

Although I have also advised large international corporations during my professional career, it has always been a matter of concern to me to also look after owner-managed SMEs directly. Advising these companies is usually much more direct and more satisfying for the consultant.

2. Solution-oriented

A technically perfect consultation which however is not implemented in the individual case brings nobody anything. Even in the case of a dispute between several parties, it is of no use if every party advisor stubbornly sticks to his opinion. My clients have the right that of course I represent their interests first and foremost, but I always try to find a solution which all parties can finally stand by.

3. Pragmatic

The environment of consultants in recent years has been characterised by technical developments and a high degree of specialisation. Of course, a consultant must have the necessary technical and theoretical expertise. It is equally important, however, that he knows how to apply this specialist knowledge pragmatically in each individual case.


Experience and specialist knowledge are important prerequisites
as management consultants.
However, it is equally important to know one’s own limitations.
For special questions I have a wide network of experts at my disposal:


Tax Advisors & Associates Switzerland AG

Mrs. Maja Bauer-Balmelli

for complex tax issues


Controva AG

Mr. Marcus Tuor

for general fiduciary work and audit mandates


Oaklins Switzerland

Dr. Jürg Stucker

for M&A Lead Advisory Mandates


legal advice

Very good contacts to various attorneys depending on the size and complexity of the case


AAC Consulting AG    Thomas Stenz

Mittelstrasse 18, 8008 Zürich

+41 79 402 17 76


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